We are fortunate too have on site one of Boston's finest restoration and repair shops specializing in all manner of antique furniture restoration including modifications and special finishes often required by the designer.

Blackstone Furniture Restorers offers a full line of antique restoration services. The five man restoration shop is owned and operated by respected restorer, Dan McAuliffe. With his 25 years of experience and use of time tested techniques and materials Dan has built the business to be one of the top restoration shops in New England.

The shop does a lot of finish matching, veneer and marquetry repair, gilding, decorative faux painting and lacquering, and replacement of missing carved elements. They can convert a traditional turn-of-the-century chest into a media center by changing the drawer front into fold-down doors that still look like drawers. Blackstone Restorers also makes contemporary furniture for clients. They also do custom modifying, reducing or raising the height of tables or adding missing leaves.

Some examples of typical work in progress include:

Repairs- On the right is a typical example where a chair with wood damage is undergoing structural repair first by dismantling, repairing the damaged areas and then rejoining. Below, we are inserting a new leather surface along with gold tooling for this piece, with a color match according to the customer specifications.

Finishing – Custom matching and finishing is a specialty of Blackstone Restorers. In the example of the table on the right, the restored table has been repaired and custom stained to match the original and bring out the best in the antique piece.

Finishing to match specifications-
Here is an example where we finished a desk with a custom paint tint to have the look of a French antique. The customer will choose which leather inlay they would like. Many times designers will ask us for special pieces to be made to their custom specifications and finishes.

Below is a desk as might be typical before restoration, and a similar desk after being restored.


A Desk before restoration
A Desk after restoration


Upholstery – The upholstered pieces our customers bring us normally need both structural repair and reupholstery. First, the structural and finish work are done in the shop and then an upholstery service who works in conjunction with us reupholsters the piece from fabric the customer supplies.


Custom Pieces – We also build custom pieces to match a customer’s needs as in the examples below. On the left is silver serving tray that the customer wished to have a stand for, on the right, a wood chest we created a display base for.

If you would like to bring in your piece for an estimate for restoration, or have questions please call for an appointment or stop by the shop during business hours, Mon-Sat 10-6. Delivery and pickup services are available. Contact information and hours are the same as The Barn at 17.